The year 2012 was a year of change.  I was falling out of love with my guitar hobby, I'd been going to the gym for 177 straight days and had lost a lot of weight, I had finally reached out for help with my mental issues.  Then in April I hit a wall.  I got very sick and for several weeks my doctors tried to figure out what was wrong.  It turned out my gallbladder had just stopped working.  In the weeks leading up to surgery I had become consumed by photography and researching cameras.  I ended up picking up a Canon 60D with a kit lens.  I'd messed around with shooting before but it was nothing really serious.  Once I received the camera I put it in manual mode and refused to shoot any other way.  I would force myself to learn on my own terms.  I am not a 'read the instructions' kind of guy, I get the most satisfaction figuring things out.  Photography has now become that ever learning, figure it out process that I love.  As someone diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder, photography has also become a way for me to express myself without saying a word.  Five years later I'm even further down the rabbit hole now shooting film as well as digital and even starting to develop my own film.  The passion to create, express and share has never been stronger in me. 

For more information on my work or print availability, please email me at: jermbug.rva@gmail.com